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Modern, fast and clean.

At MollisWare we create your software in 3 simple steps.

The Play Library is a pre-built set of fully customizable components based on common UI patterns—complete with built-in states and Interactions. Using the Play Library gives you the ability to get something "in your hands" quickly so you can experiment and iterate on your initial concepts.

First meeting

The first meeting gives both parties an idea about the expectations from both parties. During this meeting we talk about the requirements and idea's.


The biggest part is the development, but to make sure that you stay exited; we give every 2 weeks a demo.

User Testing

Imagine conducting user testing with products that look, feel and function like the real thing.

Super fast

From anyware

The sky is the limit
Not what the market offers

Lean on engaging animations and get to maximize the value your customers experience


Get the software your company needs with the company colors.

Custom design
Effortless integration

Easily integrate with all your favorite tools with your own software.

API & Data Access

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