Create a unique experience for your software

MollisWare creates trending and modern software for your company,
it's an experience.



Experience your product as you want it.

MollisWare creates software adapted to your needs and creates a unique experience of it.


Not everyone uses the same platform.
Therefore do we create software in the 3 biggest platforms
From Apple to Android to web.

Trustworthy and fun.


Integrate with existing tools to maximise productivity.


Interactive apps engage customers.


Get al the feature's you need or want.

Safe and Secure

Security & privacy is the fundament of every application.

Feels great in low-light environments.

It works great with Dark Mode with endless experience in low-light environments.

Dark Mode - ON

Every application needs dark mode these days, that's why we design your application around dark mode.

3x Experience

Easily integrate with all your favorite tools through and APIs including automatic integrations.

Stay tuned &
Build your business.

We will email you only about big announcements.

Start experiencing your systems

Experience makes all the difference.